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Old Wives Tales About Food


 Old Wives Tales About Food

Brief History:

The tales of old wives developed in the oral practice of story-telling. Typically, they were passed around by illiterate ladies, telling a variety of stories to one other or to kids. This stories didn't try to moralize, instead for teaching the lessons as well as making tough concepts such as death comfortable for kids to realize. Besides the stories are practiced in order to frighten kids so that they do not do certain stuffs.

Many times, the tales have been gathered by literate men who then transformed them into scripted works.

Listed below are some of the best old wives tales about food:

1. Carry your bananas apart while you are going home from a store. In case you allow them to stay with the stem, they ripen pretty quickly.

2. If you're trying to make gravy &unexpectedly burn it, simply pour the gravy in a clean pan. Carry on cooking it. Add up sugar a bit at once, tasting as you go for avoiding over-sugaring it. Sugar will help eliminate the burned flavor.

3. Keep your opened cheese chunks inside an aluminum foil. It'll stay good for quite some time & not mold!

4. While boiling the eggs, add up a bit of salt in order to keep the eggshells from breaking.

5. Burned a rice pot? Simply place one part of white bread onto the top part of the rice for around 5 min to 10 min in order to take off the burned taste. Be cautious not to scrape the burned portions away from the bottom part of your pan while serving your rice.

6. Peppers having three bumps onto the bottom can be sweeter as well as better to eat. Peppers having four bumps onto the bottom can be firmer & superior to cook.

7. Add 1 tsp. of water while you're frying the ground beef. It'll help pull off the grease from meat when you're cooking.

8. For improving the taste of omelets or scrambled eggs really great, add some spoonful’s of cream cheese, heavy cream, or sour cream; then beat together.

9. Add garlic right away to your recipe in case you wish to have a light taste, or when the recipe is about to end if you wish to have a stronger flavor.

10. Avoid putting tomatoes or citrus fruits in your fridge. The lesser temperatures can reduce the flavor & aroma of these fruits.

11. Re-heat any leftover pizza inside a non-stick frying pan on the top of the cooking stove; adjust heat to med to low & heat till it is warm. This will keep the crust crisp.

12. For warming your pancakes, muffins or biscuits which were frozen, keep a cup of water along with them inside a microwave oven. Moisture keeps your food moist which helps it reheat quicker.

13. Place one bread slice in a bag of tough brown sugar. Inside two to three days it’ll soften up again. An orange peel piece can also work great.

14. For cleaning your foul hands after cutting garlic or onions, simply rub them onto a stainless steel spoon. All the odor will be absorbed by the steel. In addition, rubbing your hands with the lemon or coffee beans can works awesome as well.

15. Prior to making your popcorns on the cooktop, immerse the seed inside water for around ten minutes. After this, drain the water, pop as usual. The extra moisture will help your popcorns pop up much faster & fluffier with lesser duds.

16. For keeping your potatoes from growing inside the bag, place an apple inside along with them.

17. If you’ve spiced the food too much, add some lime juice till the flavor becomes as per your preferences.

18. After boiling potatoes or pasta, cool down the water, utilize it for watering the plants in your house. The water has nutrients which your plants need the most.

19. Avoid storing your bananas in a group or inside a fruit container along with other fruits. Detach all the bananas, keep every one of them at different places. Bananas discharge gases that cause other fruits (counting in other bananas) to mature rapidly. Detaching them will help keep all the fruits fresh for much longer duration.

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