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Paleo Diet: Really Healthy?

Paleo Diet: Really Healthy?


The Paleo diet was initially created in the Paleolithic age. Although, the major purpose of this diet is health, it’s also good for weight loss. The advocates of this diet state that the people from the Paleolithic age had the diet which was the healthiest & was ideal for human beings.

The major reason for this is because our genetics have only transformed by only 0.01%. As a results its best to head over to a diet that caveman ate where all the things were fresh as well as free from any chemicals. No artificial flavorings, no preservatives were being added during those periods.

In the Paleolithic age, there wasn’t any requirement of instant foodstuffs or foods which had extended shelf life. Only in recent times, we have started creating foods which are able to stay for a longer duration for making our life quite easier, hence additives and preservatives were produced. As these products are based on chemicals there are no longer safer for human beings. Even in case they seem to be natural, we take them in proportions which are toxic to us.

Due the above reasons, Paleo diet was developed. In order to separate human beings from matters which are harmful for our health and offering us those food stuffs which are more beneficial to our body. The cavemen were able to live much healthier life style than most of us do today. Since, they were following such a healthy diet, it is no amazement that they enjoyed had much imported energy levels and traveled several miles each single day in order to hunt different animals. All of this was possible only because of their diet and their approach towards the life.

The Paleo diet contains high amounts of proteins which offer you sufficient energy for doing your day to day works. In addition, the diet includes plenty of veggies as well as fruits that give you a variety of nutrients and vitamins. These 2 groups of foods are considered to be one of the healthiest & there is no limit to how much you consume them. In fact, the more you consume, the better they are for your body. You won’t feel the requirement to consume any additional supplements or diet or diet pills ever again. The paleo diet has enough nutrients essential for your daily requirements.

Low sugar & low sodium diet is recommended since additional amounts of sugar & salts can be harmful for human body. The diet is all about getting back to the ABC’s by consuming fresh foods and staying off from unhealthy ones.

How to Lose Weight with Paleo Diet?

1. Follow a Healthy Diet

Eliminate all the processed foods that consist of chemicals harmful for your body. This is very important for seeing the results in the quickest amount of time. It will also help you stay happy and energetic throughout the day.

2. Meal Amounts

The meal amounts are not much of a concern when you are following a paleo diet. The lone item which you want to restrict are the fruits. Apart from that you’re free to eat all the things included in this diet since they all are healthy for you.

3. Take the change seriously

Create your meal plan, or purchase one from the web and follow it strictly. Give this diet, an honest try for a month which will let you see its potential in the shortest amount of time.

4. Get all the required Info

Know why it is crucial for you to eliminate processed foodstuffs from your diet. If you’re able to completely understand how much harm you’re doing to yourself with unhealthy foods, you’ll have much greater chances of success.

5. Protein

You must be able to intake around 100 to 150 grams of protein each single day. For this, you can add a protein shake a few times each week as well.

6. Carbohydrates

When following a paleo diet in order to achieve a weight loss, it is important that you in take less than 50 grams of carbs each day.

8. A Support Group

Do not be afraid to search for a local group which will keep you motivated. Having other people with identical interests & goals can keep you achieve a faster weight loss and live a better way of life.

9. It is totally alright to cheat

This is perhaps the greatest things about the Paleo Diet. Here you are able to cheat. A piece of pizza occasionally won’t do your body any harm. However, it is also important to be mindful of the fact that you do so in moderate amounts especially when you’re trying to eliminate those additional pounds from your body.

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