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Tasty and creative recipes you can eat anytime of the day!

Double your pleasure with these 2 fun and creative  ebooks filled with your classic recipes with a twist!

Taking Mac and Cheese and your boring morning Waffles and putting the ultimate spin on them couldn't be better. There is no denying that  a nice bowl of  creamy,cheesy mac and cheese or a  plate of warm fluffy waffles are comfort foods both loved by kids and adults that never gets old. Its time to spice up your kitchen and make cooking these recipes a family affair! 

Enjoy these Delicious Mac and Cheese Recipes:

  • Sloppy Joe Mac and Cheese
  • Tex Mex Mac and Cheese
  • Lobster Mac and Cheese
  • and many more!

Get Creative with these fun Waffle Recipes:

  • Hawaiian Waffles with Coconut and Pineapple
  • Ghirardelli® Chocolate Waffles
  • Toasted Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Sweet Potato Waffles with Praline Peaches
  • and many more!



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This is a really well put together list of recipes for waffles. The book has a huge list of tasty, healthy, and even over the top waffle recipes. Of the ones that I have tried my favorite so far is one called the Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich. It's a great snack to put together for the family and very simple to do. The book is really easy to follow and all of the recipes are simple enough that anyone can whip them together. All around very solid book. Glad I picked this up..
– Monica G.


The Waffle Chronicles is filled with delicious waffle recipes. Most of the recipes are a snap to prepare and the super easy ones are marked "quick and easy".

I fell in love with the cinnamon Belgian waffles. So good and so easy to prepare. I found myself wondering why in the world had I waited so long to make some homemade waffles!

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves waffles. You'll never eat another frozen toaster waffle again!
– Jenny C.


I love mac and cheese! Great recipes, and very easy to navigate. I'm glad I picked this book up, the best ebook cookbook I've seen. The navigation is the best! The recipes are very interesting too! Lots of great stuff!
– Andrew


Ok so I was a little disappointed that there were no pictures but so far the recipes are great! Ive already made 2 different recipes with my children and the waffles were gone in no time. My boys both loved the Apple Pie Waffles. Overall great recipes!
– Jeanette S.